International Research: Europe, Africa and Asia

"I would like to let you know that we are very, very satisfied with what you present to us. The quantity and quality of the information provided is very valuable to many parts of our business and essential for the current positioning project. Thank you very much for your professionalism and effort to bring this forward. We would like to thank you for your great support and are hoping for a new chance to cooperate soon."

Research Manager, curth+roth (Germany)

Hamburg-based curth-roth (see above) is an example of the "very, very satisfied customers” that have found AIR research "valuable” and "essential” to project success. The range of AIR international research is extensive:

  • Studies for US companies in Europe: Designed and supervised studies in England, France and Germany, most often for Xerox

  • Studies for European and Korean companies in the US: Supervised and conducted research in the US for European and Asian clients, most often for Samsung and LGE.

  • In the Far East: Conducted market research seminars in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

  • In the Middle East: Designed and implemented Saudi Arabia's first formal training program in qualitative marketing research - a 3-week intensive program for male and, female participants

  • In Africa: Applied strategic research and consulting skills to turn around a major NGO that had declared bankruptcy and closed its doors. The NGO, in Namibia, now operates in the black.

  • In Africa: Also in Namibia, led the first-in-the-nation qualitative study of the marginalized and impoverished Nama tribes, uncovering key Nama barriers and motivators to entering the country's economic mainstream. Brought community leaders together to develop interventions based on the insights gained from the research.

"Thanks for all your effort. I think it was a great success."

Lead Usability Specialist, Graco Childrens Products


"You are a diligent and excellent researcher. I hope to see you soon."

Research Manager, Samsung


"I think she is a wonderful moderator who has the power to lead groups and great vision for the research project."

Research Manager, Hankook Research (Korea)


"I'm developing a behaviour change programme to be implemented in schools in the //Kharas region. The need for the programme emanated from research conducted by Dr. Barbara Rugen. I assisted in the development of the research methodology, provided insight into the culture and assisted with the data collection. The need for an intervention, such as the communication for behaviour change programme, emanated from insights gained from the research."

Professor of Management Science, University of Namibia

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