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By GP Bookmark Kid on April 30, 2016
This amazing book, Qualitative Marketing Research, is based on a graduate level course taught by Dr. Rugen, herself. Without a doubt, the course was the best marketing course of my academic career and the book is no different. Dr. Rugen is a enthusiastic practitioner and professor with many years of marketing research experience that shows both in the classroom and in her book. Her love for and understanding of the subject matter comes second to none. Like the class, the book is interactive and teaches you proper application of the techniques. As a marketing professional, I have utilized the techniques in this book to the praise and satisfaction of clients and employers. The book is fun, exceptionally well organized, and infused with current information. This book is the best extension of Dr. Rugen and will serve as my "go to" reference in qualitative marketing research for many years to come. It is an essential reference for anyone, particularly marketing research students and professionals. Bravo! 5.0 out of 5 starsPractical Resource for Marketers AND Students

By MEG on April 27, 2016
Rugen is both a practitioner and adjunct professor of qualitative marketing research. The book is fun, interactive and comprehensive; it is obviously based on effective teaching in the classroom. The range and depth of knowledge also makes the book valuable for professional marketers who want to explore how smart marketing research helps make smart marketing. As a professional consultant who teaches and writes marketing concepts, I loved how she used much of what I teach in her research process. It is obvious from her knowledge shared in the book that she has worked extensively with actual clients and isnít just being theoretical. I believe it is a book you'll periodically reference, so an excellent choice to add to your bookshelf!

By Jean Bystedt on May 27, 2016
Barbara Rugen offers a comprehensive, practical guide to understanding and implementing Qualitative Research. For each essential element of the process - proposal, screener, discussion guide, moderating, debriefing and report writing - the underlying purpose, illustrative examples and hands-on practice are incorporated. It's written in a smart, experienced, easy to follow style, and pivots on engaging group activities for optimal learning.

I'd highly recommended it for marketing professors and their students in a classroom setting, as well as for marketing professionals wishing to learn more about the role and implementation of qualitative research.

By Caroline Shahar on February 28, 2016
This is an excellent book. The information contained in the text is first rate. It's been valuable for me as a senior marketing manager, reminding me of what qualitative market research can do and the best ways to do it. Itís not like so many books that are longer than needed. It condenses all you need to know into an easy to digest format. Organized, well written and extremely helpful. This is staple for students and great introduction or refresher for managers.

By s.h on April 10, 2016
Studying in a medical university to become a medical doctor you learn a number of key and critical topics relating to a patient. One subject that remained untaught was to understand the patients needs and to determine if I as a doctor was meeting their expectations. Now out of the medical practice and in the business world this information reveals to me an understanding of what I need to do to ensure my clients are properly served Breaking the market research into qualitative and quantitative breaks a sharper focus to my detailed thinking and allows me to clearly see a strategy forward with proof that will substantiate the outcome. I like this as it reminds me more of searching for a diagnosis and using the different tools and tests that I had available to determine the result.

The book presents a number of different techniques and methodologies, although intended for gathering market research, I have utilized them in my work environment, and changed my own habits to integrate them. The open questions have been very helpful! If I use them I feel my fellow doctors will learn to replicate similar habits.

For the market research that is done within my environment it is outsourced. This books provides necessary information, for me, to be able to allow me to structure my questions so as I can team with my service providers to get the right and necessary results.

Overall this book packs information I have found useful in more ways than I had expected. The contents provides me with a necessary resource to shape my work environment and to create the proper market research to be able to fulfill our client's needs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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